Why is nursing school so expensive!? - page 2

Hello, all! I'm a new poster here and have been an EMT in NY and NJ since 2015. I've traveled abroad to Central America and Haiti and have worked a few "adventure" courses since my certification.... Read More

  1. by   AngelKissed857
    I'm in Northern California, SF Bay Area. You are definitely going to need a BSN. I'm also an older student, and there are a few ways to get this paid for. Easier if we just spoke on the phone- do you want to pm me, I'll give you my number?
  2. by   Ms.Fit.Morgan
    Looks like pm is disabled pm until I start more topics. Would love more info though!
  3. by   AngelKissed857
    I pm'ed yoh
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    Not seeing it. Maybe because I'm a new member?
  5. by   jwillnyc
    A little update on this - I've decided to become an PCT (Patient Care Tech) and land something with a hospital that will help subsdize some of the cost. I see it as a win-win - I get the hands on experience and an employeer who'll help cover some of the cost.
  6. by   jwillnyc
    Nice! Thanks for the insight!