White pants for pinning?

  1. My pinning is coming up on January 6th (!!!).....so glad to be done with school!

    But there is this little issue of the pinning uniform.

    We were told that the men are to wear a white dress shirt and white dress pants with a green tie (green and gold are our school colors). Our program director was very specific that the pants have to be "real" white, and not just very light khakis. I have checked several stores and cannot for the life of me find white dress pants anywhere. I looked at pictures from our school's pinning last year and a lot of the guys ended up wearing white scrub pants with a dress shirt and tie, which looks pretty ridiculous to me.

    I was considering getting a pair of Dickies work pants, which come in white, but would they look OK with a shirt and tie?

    Any other suggestions? I want to look nice but don't have a lot of money to spend. I wish they'd just let us wear khakis, but I know all white is very traditional.
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  3. by   NSALVADORE
    Do you have an Alexanders uniforms near you? I believe they sell a nice pair of white pants.. I don't think Dickies would look bad. Our guys wear all white too and we wear white dresses however we ALL have to match same dresses and the guys have to wear the same shirt and pants. I would suggest checking out the uniform stores, they probably have a few choices and I think it looks nice if everyone matches so that may be something to throw out there to the other guys!

    Congrats!! I hope you find something suitable!
  4. by   seizureffect
    Yes, Alexander's is a great option. And if you don't have one local, you can order online. Here you go

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