Which is the hardest part of the nursing program? - page 2

How much did you study each day for the nursing program? Was the beginning, middle, or end the hardest part? And why?... Read More

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    Quote from StudentOfHealing
    attempting to stay positive.
    That's the key to surviving nursing school. If you go in a class/clinical expecting it to be difficult then you're setting yourself up for failure. Approach every test, every assignment and every patient with a positive attitude and you will succeed.

    Good luck!
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    So far, no one semester is harder than another. But, I struggle mentally and physically about half way through. I get burnt out on all the knowledge thrown at me, feel like I can't handle it, and freak a little. Then, I buckle down and get right back to it.
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    Staying on top of things with back to back exams and papers.

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