When should I start applying for jobs?

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    I will graduate with an ADN in December of this year, probably won't take (and hopefully pass!) the NCLEX until sometime in January. I was browsing my local hospital's job openings today and noticed an RN position in a unit I would really like to work in. It's only September so my concern is if it's inappropriate for me to be applying to jobs so early in my final semester of nursing school. Should I go ahead and apply to this job anyway, or wait until closer to graduation/nclex before applying to anything?

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    In my area, May graduates are encouraged to start applying for jobs in January. If this is a unit you really want to work on then apply. What's the worse thing that will happen? I am sure many of your fellow Dec grads are already applying.
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    I applied for a residency now and will apply for jobs around November. I graduate in December.

    The worst thing is if a job filters you out due to no license number but hue. You become licensed, you're in the filtered pile unable to reapply for that particular job.

    I'd lean more towards taking NCLEX in feb than jan. Figure your school will be lazy and not submit results till jan meaning a test date in feb.
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    Look for jobs the semester you graduate. Not the month before or of graduation. That is, if you are in an impacted area.

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