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I have heard the wearing a stethoscope around your neck damages the tubing because of the oils in your skin. So when did wearing a stethoscope around the neck become popular? I know as nursing students we all do it because we... Read More

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    Quote from Candimk2
    That is so beyond ridiculous!!
    You made me laugh

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    Quote from Emzily
    We were taught in class this year TO wear it around our necks! In fact there was a part of the powerpoint where they covered how to wear it and how not to.
    Please share with us how NOT to wear it!!!!
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    I just wear mine when we're in lab and I know I'm going to be using it alot, just keeps it handy. Too bulky to try and put in a pocket....
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    That's awesome
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    question: What does the height of your socks have to do with preventing infections?
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    Quote from whoa-now
    No! The dang MD's always want to borrow mine on rounds, grrrrr @ that. His ear wax and patients germs UGH. He certainly didn't clean it between pt's. I got to where I hid mine b4 Doc came in and said "ohhh sorry doc I forgot mine today, don't know where it is etc. He would grumble for a minute and go find a disposable one.
    I had a doc who did this ALL the time! I started handing him alcohol wipes with my stethoscope! LOL He eventually got the clue. Once, he thought he was being funny and tied my Littmann Cardiology III in KNOTS! Grrr. I was NOT a happy camper after that one! I don't share it anymore!
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    I put mine in my pocket, it gets in way when when doing pt cares. although we are not required to wear it a certain way, we were also told that putting it in your pocket was like a safety issue in case combative (or other) pts yanked on it etc
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    I realize that this thread sounds kind of weird, but it was a true question. The only reason I said something about it being "cool" was because one of my instructors said that she would hang her stethoscope on her rear view mirror when she was in nursing school because she wanted everyone to know she was in nursing school and she thought it was "cool" or something. I was just wanting to know why some people wear them around their neck even though the oils in your neck will ruin the tubing.
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    I wear mine around my neck at clinic but with a collared shirt on it never actually touches skin.

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