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I have heard the wearing a stethoscope around your neck damages the tubing because of the oils in your skin. So when did wearing a stethoscope around the neck become popular? I know as nursing... Read More

  1. by   nurseywifeymommy1
    Yep. We had to wear ours at clinicals.
  2. by   jetro
    the proper way to keep them with you is supposed to be in one of your pockets to be safe, hidden, and not exposed to atmosphere so much. its just that the media made the stethoscope around neck really popular even though its dangerous. those annoying hospital drama tv shows.
  3. by   JBudd
    I have too much junk in my pockets, especially since they took the majority of the supplies out of our rooms, to put my steth in. Been wearing it on my neck for years, not to be "cool" (seriously?), but because it is convenient. Never had a problem with "neck oils". It stays in my locker between shifts. The mirror thing? Dang thing would swing so much it would be whacking me in the head while going around curves!

    Never had a pt grab for it, but if going into a situation where we are holding someone down I take it off ahead of time. I work in an ER, and there are plenty of times where things have gotten physical, but the scope has not been what they were thinking of, generally it is being spit on, bitten or swung at.
  4. by   gatoraims RN
    I put mine in my pocket. Something about it getting all close and personal with a pt then being around my neck (even after I wipe it) creeps me out. Also being in my pocket makes for a nice ice breaker when I walk in the room for introductions and am yanked back because it is stuck on the door knob, bed, ect...
  5. by   Virgilio
    I can't believe I'm the first person in seven pages /LOLing at all the judgey people!
  6. by   janice_c67
    I always keep it around my neck instead of leaving it at the nurses station because if I put it down I will either forget it and it will magically disappear, or something will come up and I will need it. AND it makes me look cool
  7. by   vintagemother
    Quote from Tragically Hip
    I believe you can buy replacement Littman tubing, and it's not very expensive, even for their high-end 'scopes.
    I did replace my littman tubing when an ink pen broke open and stained it while it was in my clinical bag. It was less than the cost of replacing my entire stethoscope.