What to review before last semester of nursing school

  1. I am entering my final semester of nursing school in January and am wondering what material I should be going over during the break. Our last semester is Med-Surg II. I know I should really just enjoy the break from school but I think it'll be good to review Med-Surg, because this past semester was OB, Peds, and Mental Health... I didn't get to practice many skills and feel like I may have forgotten a lot of the information. Anyone have any tips or maybe a review outline they can share?

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  3. by   ChristineN
    Honestly I wouldn't review anything. I would spend the time relaxing. Soon you will be studying for NCLEX and hunting for jobs so enjoy this free time while you have it.
  4. by   patricia0809
    My professor for our last semester told us to review our notes from med surg I, because once we enter next semester we must have the knowledge and preform as a med surg I student. Please enjoy your vacation but it won't hurt to go over old notes a week before school
  5. by   sugarmagnoliaRN
    Thanks y'all! I'm about to get started on a comprehensive Med-Surg review... Just need to wait until the motivation kicks in. Here's hoping it does!