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You submitted your application and now you are waiting... don't fret many have been there. What are you doing or have done in the mean time? Networking? Reading? Research? Please share your... Read More

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    Just found out today I am officially off the alternate list and enrolled at EVC for spring 2013. A lot if people originally enrolled did not pass the TEAS V test so all the alternates were enrolled. I have spent the last 5+ years going night an weekend school while supporting 2 kids and working full time! I'm so excited all the hard work is paying off .. Sometimes the stress of getting in seemed depressing but I never gave up!!!! Good luck to everyone!!
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    Mines came 1 day early. I got the email notification on my phone and I went and jumped on my parents bed while I read my acceptance email. I was so excited!!! My first time applying and I got accepted. But I didnt cry like I thought I was. I shedded a few tears and started calling everybody to let them know!!!
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    Letters get sent out September 30th and I will have to say the month of September has been the longest month of my life in a very long time..... I am in school full time and am busy with my teen daughter the youngest of my biological children and my 3.5 year old twin boys I am adopting......
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    I think I am slowly losing my mind. Our waiting period was supposed to be 6ish weeks....we are on week 8 and they are saying letters won't go out until next week..... (last application period it was like 6 weeks to the day). The anticipation is killing me sure would be nice if a packet showed up in my mailbox today......
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    Earlier today, my teenager came in loudly saying "Mom your letter came" My heart skipped a beat.......Nope just a copy of my transcripts for school to be included in my application to Saint Francis as a back up plan..... I have heard from three fellow students they have gotten in. Two of them are transition LPN-ASN and the other a traditional ASN track, she works in the tutoring department and I am not quite sure how she found out. The letters are suppose to go out tomorrow.
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    I received my acceptance letter today... It's official I start the Associates of Nursing in the spring of 2015! I am still on cloud nine here!!!
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    I'm glad I found this thread! The deadline for my school was September 14th. It's a petition ing window of 2 weeks. I was told we won't find out earlier than December 5th. Why does it take soo long. This is so nerve wrecking. I'm just trying to maintain my faith.

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