What percent of dextrose is appropriate for TPN? What percent of dextrose is appropriate for TPN? | allnurses

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What percent of dextrose is appropriate for TPN?

  1. 0 What percent of dextrose solution is appropriate for TPN solution? 20%?

    I understand that you hang Dextrose 10% if there are any interuptions in running the TPN to prevent hypoglycemia. Also, should TPN be delivered into a large peripheral vein as opposed to centrally? If so, Why? Finally, TPN is meant for long term therapy, correct?

    Thank you for helping. I just don't feel clear on the details of TPN.
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    A lot of these things depend on the individual patient. There are no "definitive answers" that are right for everybody.

    Maybe you should start the conversation by giving a few specific examples or case situations that you didn't understand.
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    TPN is delivered through a central venous catheter to prevent irritation to peripheral veins. We were told that TPN is not meant for long-term therapy.
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    20% is too high. The vein will not tolerate that much. I wouldn't go more than 10%.
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    Thank you for your help. I continued to research it today and discovered that TPN can be given peripherally as long as it's only 10% dextrose so as not to irritate the vein. It sounds like it's usually given centrally though. Please correct me if I'm wrong = )~