What I've learned in nursing school

  1. I've been reading this board for years and I thought I would make a post. I'm in my last semester of nursing school. Yay!!! I wanted to share a few things that I've learned, and to pass on some advice to current and future students.

    The first thing- nursing, and by extension nursing school, is a unique field on its own. Nurses are patient centered, focused on the big picture and an integral member of the health care team. We are not inferior or superior to anyone. We work together with the other staff to accomplish goals. Nurses have earned the right to feel good about their jobs and to take satisfaction at the part that they play.

    For the students: The biggest thing that I have learned is- STAY HUMBLE!!!! You don't know what you don't know. Those nurses are RIGHT!!! So much goes into being a safe and competent nurse. It is more than just pushing pills and wiping butts. I feel that this board has been an invaluable source of information. Every time I go to clinical, I learn something new. I am so grateful for the nurses who help teach me, even if it is 2 minutes of their time. Thank you so much!!!

    Yes it's tough and sometimes things stink, but you signed up for this. Put your big girl/boy panties on and toughen up. Those nurse who are teaching you how to do something the right way are not "eating their young". They are helping you to be better and to not kill someone one day. One day, hopefully, we will be on our own. Our patients will rely on us to think critically and assess them. It is better to learn all we can now under the safe guidance of our nursing instructors. If they tell you, you have work to do, get it done. Don't dissolve into hysterical crying because you have been criticized, or go over their heads to dean, DON, etc. Learn and grow. Be a piece of clay that is pliable and able to be molded. If you know it all, why are you in school?

    Instead of the stereotypical, catty henhouse images that go around, I've met some amazing individuals. I've met nurses that have taken me under their wings, and have taken a chance on me. I have not had my hand held. I have had people who set the bar high and given me the tools to help me succeed.

    All in all, thank you to all of the nurses who have helped me get this far. And thank you to the amazing ladies and men who run this board!!!!
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  3. by   amygarside
    You have a very wonderful journey and it is good to hear that you are blessed. Have a nice day ahead.
  4. by   Myoclonicjerk
    Thanks for taking the time to write this post. As a person entering nursing school in a couple months I found it informative and motivational. Thanks.
  5. by   wonderchic24
    Thanks for the post! I am heading to nursing school in two weeks and being humble is something all students should be. I am super excited to be taught by nurses who have been there, done that! Even if they have to be super direct so I learn the right way and won't harm people in the future!

    Great post!