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Just curious. It was told to us yesterday during orientation that 112 RN student candidates were selected out of 1235 applications to nursing school. That is over a 90 percent rejection rate! Is it... Read More

  1. by   soxgirl2008
    They let in 94 people each semester, close to 300 apply.
  2. by   Elinor
    We had "over a thousand" applicants (I haven't heard the exact number), and the number of people who got in was 90-something. It's strange to think that even after all that, some people will either quit now or fail out.

    Quote from DarkBluePhoenix
    I got into a BSN program. My schools selections was open to all applicants. As long as you got into the university, and had the minimum TEAS and GPA then you could apply. The average GPA was 3.83 and avearage TEAS was 91% this incoming cohort. It was a tough one, but I made it in!
    Wow, that's a high average! I got a 94% on the TEAS V, and the little printout said that that score was in the 99th percentile of test takers.

    But the school being open to all applicants is different than accepting them all into the program, isn't it? Saying anyone can apply (with a minimum GPA and TEAS score) doesn't mean they all get in. Or are you saying your program literally accepts everyone above the minimums? Then they would have a different class size each year.
  3. by   breezy7
    Our average this semester was 3.8 GPA and 88 TEAS. I was accepted with 3.7 GPA and 90 on the TEAS.
  4. by   AnkleBitten
    Im doing a 4 year BN program. My school has 4 campus's with 800 students, im at the smallest campus.
    I got in my first try, but i had people tell me it is hard to get in to.
    I thought that odd because my high school grades werent perfect. I mean i upgraded some but my chem still sucked.
    But i also went to college for Veterinarian Assistant and got wicked grades there, and worked in a vet clinic for several years.
    Maybe that helped?? I dont know, but im happy im here.
  5. by   Wrench Party
    My program took in about 100 students to its fundamentals courses, but I have no idea how many people applied
    before that. This is not counting the pre-nursing students who may or may not advance to thenursing classes.
    They culled again for clinicals and now we're down to less than 50. We seem to lose 5-7 people each semester
    we go on.
  6. by   mistydbuffa
    My program is an ADN program. Every 6 months they accept 40 students. Anywhere from 150-300 apply, so acceptance rates vary. It is strictly points. You can get a max of 60 pts for GPA 5 max for no transfer, drop or withdraw, and 35 max pts for Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam. My over all points were 92.52pts and I was accepted and ranked in the 15th position. My GPA was 3.82 and my entrance exam was 86% with all 5 pts given for no trans, drop, repeat etc. The average for our entrance exam was only 69% but its a pretty hard test. Not to mention you must take 12 pre req before you can even apply. I was accepted the first time I applied.
  7. by   WannaBNursey
    Quote from charli_apple
    My school accepts the top 40 and the semester I applied, they received 254 applications. I applied at the last minute and got accepted. When I told my friends and family I had gotten accepted, EVERYONE'S first response was 'are you taking prerequisites or are you in the program'? I was slightly offended. Why would I say that I was IN the program if I wasnt IN the program? *rolls eyes*
    This happens to me all the time! In my CNA interviews I had brought up that I was in nursing school and they always asked if I was taking pre-reqs or if I was IN the program, even during orientation, they saw on my sheet that I was in the nursing program and they asked again. Why would I brag about taking pre-reqs?
  8. by   nursingstudent3109
    My ADN program had over 200 applicants and 40 were accepted.
  9. by   TUhopeful
    My BSN program accepts 72 students and around 400 apply. Nursing is too competitive.
  10. by   Bobmo88
    My school is 1 of 3 nursing schools in the county and the only BSN program. For my class, over 400 people applied for 44 spots and in the past they only had 33 spots and still around the same amount of people applying. I even was initially denied but a spot opened up after someone declined admission due to acceptance to other programs. I am extremely blessed to have this opportunity and will be starting in one week!
  11. by   AnitaArmstrong
    Only the top 8% of applicants got into our program
  12. by   cbear85
    Can you tell me what your stats looked like when you applied? Did you have to apply more than once? I am applying to GHC's bridge program in the spring. Ugh, I am so nervous now. I scored an 83.3% on the TEAS and am considering taking it again (94th percentile). I have a 4.0 GPA. I will be taking microbiology when I apply, so that won't count towards my points. I got a 1040 on my SAT (I was a slacker in h.s.) Thanks for any and all advice how have you liked the program so far?
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