What is the one thing that turns your stomach? What is the one thing that turns your stomach? - pg.5 | allnurses

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What is the one thing that turns your stomach? - page 6

Surely everyone has at least one thing that they can't handle. ;) Maybe you can do blood and guts and poo, but the smell of pee gets you? What is the one thing that messes you up? Did you know going... Read More

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    Not a fan of super odoriferous poo, including osotmy bags. I'm also not a big vomit fan, but I can handle vomit faaaar better than I can the poo. Also unwashed genitals. Nothing else bothers me. And the funny thing is...I was a vet tech before nursing school. Animals can have some RANK feces, especially parvo patients. Those never bothered me. Nothing in animal medicine phased me at all. But man, humans and their poop have a way with me, lol. I have yet to barf over it, but ugh...I have to hold my breath and flee as soon as I can.

    Anything else... BRING IT! Blood, gore, bones cracking, NG tube drainage, let's GO. Just no poo please, lol.