what is the best nursing journal to subscribe to as a student nurse?

  1. what is the best journal to subscribe to as a student nurse? what are the best organizations to join?
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  3. by   I'mANurse!
    Before you spend money for a journal subscription, check out the online resources from your school's library. Through my school's library website, I had direct access to tons of nursing/medical journals with full text!
  4. by   KEaFutureRNHopefully
    I never bought one (I'm in the last 2 months of nursing school). If I had bought one I would have bought one in something that interests me. One classmate bought a nursing journal centered around oncology nurses.

    Get one that interests you. Might as well when you're a student and it's still cheap. Think about what you're gonna specialize in and maybe get a journal for nurses in that speciality. If you have no clue then get a general nursing journal.
  5. by   Nursetastic
    For Christmas last year, my mom started my subscriptions to Nursing 2009, AJN, and Nursing Made Incredibly Easy. I read them all cover to cover the day they are delivered. They have all been assets, in my opinion.

    I used my school's library of online journals but it is a complete disaster to navigate and search. To me, the money is well spent just to have a couple of extra resources.
  6. by   Quidam
    I love Nursing Made Incredibly Easy.