What do I do? Flunked my first exam - page 2

Well, I flunked my first nursing exam.. It was worth 20 points I got 14 points which is a 70 and that is an F. Anything below an 80 % is not passing and I studied my tail off...I don't know what to... Read More

  1. by   AgentBeast
    To be honest a 70% isn't all that bad in the big picture. I know students who get 60% or worse on the first exam and go on to get the required % to pass first semester. If you get an 18/20 on your next quiz/exam you are back to 80%. Meet with your instructor during office hours and go over what you did wrong and what you can do differently to improve your exam scores.
  2. by   xonursej
    Dont be discouraged! Your scores should get better as you go through the program and become more accustomed to the design of the exam. As you develop critical thinking skills it will become easier for you.

    To study, one thing that I do for each chapter is make an outline of the chapter. I make sure to write down important terms and any important info I need to know so that I can easily study. I also highlight in the book to. What I would do is read the chapter once and highlight. Then go back through the chapter again and make an outline with page references.

    To study, I look over my outlines, run through the book a couple of times, study flash cards for terms, study ppt's, and I also use the study guide that comes with my book as a pre-quiz. A good way to remember and understand things is to teach other, whether it be your child, spouse or even your dog!

    I also use either studyblue.com or Mnemosyne mac app to make flashcards, it takes much less time than writing out notecards. I just copy the terms from my outline onto the virtual flashcards. You can get studyblue on your ipod touch or smart phone as an app and study anywhere. Another good app to use to study is dropbox so you can save pdf files to your phone or ipod.

    A lot of times they will have lecture and tests the same day at my school and sometimes I am able to pre-read, but not all the time. I would focus on studying.