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This is my own personal vent..... It is not meant too be rude or offensive to anyone in particular. It is just me venting....... I understand there are a bunch of cna and pct or nurse aids or whatever in nursing school. I... Read More

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    I totally get what you're saying. It seems like it is very competetive - that some of these "know it alls" is what I call them , are always trying to one up eachother, in this case even the professor! It's really difficult, but sorry to say that I dealt with it for the entire time in class. Glad it's over, just try and find one person who will stick by you and be good to be around. Try to tune the rest of them out. Good luck.

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    As a pharmacy tech of 13+ year, I love this. I'm sure every class has that annoying experienced CNA that "knows everything". Thankfully, most CNA/aides in my class have been very helpful and understanding so we haven't had much issues with that. I also understand my experience as a pharmacy tech will make me experienced at med math but i am more than happy to help those who do not understand.

    The truth is, we are all on this hard road together and when we get there, we'll all be the newbies. Let's help each other finish!
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    I've been a pharm tech for 10+yrs. I just finished my first semester of the nursing program. I had a classmate tell me the other day that I would be a better RN if stuck around them since they have been a CNA for a few years and would be able to help me. I was speechless but on the inside I laughed because when it came down to pharmacology stuff, I was the one who helped the most. We are all equals in nursing school and have alot to learn. It does bother me a bit when CNA/MA's think they are better than the rest of us and yet they are the ones that are being called out by instructors for not following directions. They are stuck on doing things the way they were taught before nursing school.
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    Great topic and I'm sorry that you have had this experience. It is a shame, but my hat is off to you. I'm an "experienced nursing student" myself. I start my program in a week. Your post has given me valuable knowledge on what NOT to be like. I'm and EMT-Intermediate, but I DEFINITELY know that I need to learn to think and perform like a nurse. I will remember your topic and ensure that I help anyone who ASKS for help. Like many have said we are all equal as nursing students. Good luck.
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    I appreciate every ones responses. IM glad IM not the only one who has experienced this. I was definitely frustrated, and even told my lab teacher that I felt completely clueless BC of it, but after thinking about it... At some point everyone had issues with ATLEAST one class..... While I don't wish for anyone to fail a class, the evil onery side of me is most definitely hoping her issue class is pharmacology :-P.

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