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what did I get myself into. - page 2

This is my own personal vent..... It is not meant too be rude or offensive to anyone in particular. It is just me venting....... I understand there are a bunch of cna and pct or nurse aids or... Read More

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    Great topic and I'm sorry that you have had this experience. It is a shame, but my hat is off to you. I'm an "experienced nursing student" myself. I start my program in a week. Your post has given me valuable knowledge on what NOT to be like. I'm and EMT-Intermediate, but I DEFINITELY know that I need to learn to think and perform like a nurse. I will remember your topic and ensure that I help anyone who ASKS for help. Like many have said we are all equal as nursing students. Good luck.
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    I appreciate every ones responses. IM glad IM not the only one who has experienced this. I was definitely frustrated, and even told my lab teacher that I felt completely clueless BC of it, but after thinking about it... At some point everyone had issues with ATLEAST one class..... While I don't wish for anyone to fail a class, the evil onery side of me is most definitely hoping her issue class is pharmacology :-P.