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What classes are you taking in spring - page 7

I'm taking Nursing fundamentals 7 credits Dosage calculations. 2 credits Health assessment. 3 credits Nursing seminar. 1 credit Total 13 credits This is my first semester... Read More

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    Med surge II & III(8weeks of each class), oh im in a Lpn program. Just finished up fundamentals & med surge I(8weeks in each class)
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    psych/maternal nursing -10 credits- psych for first half of semester along with a rotation at a psych center then OB...
    pharm 2- 1 credit

    all electives and sciences are complete
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    Quote from HMAmara
    If I make through these finals....

    HPMR III with two days of clinicals
    Special Topics
    Leadership in Nursing

    Then I'll finally be done
    I LOVE your Temari icon
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    I'm just finishing up a 17 credit semester . I'll have 3 semesters left of my BSN program.

    Spring looks like this:

    Med-Surg II (5 cr)
    Pediatrics (5 cr)
    Evidence Based Practice (3 cr)
    Pathopharm II (2 cr)
    A critical thinking class (1 cr)
    2 clinical days
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    2nd semester of 5:

    Gerontological Lecture
    Gerontological Clinical
    Med-Surg Lecture
    Med-Surg Clinical
    Skills Lab 2

    = 15 credits!
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    Quote from Annachu512
    I LOVE your Temari icon
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    Nursing Fudamentals

    Nursing of Special Populations
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    3rd Semester courses:
    Med/Surg II
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    I'm taking med surg 2, mental disorders, role development, med Surg clinicals ( two days = 8 hours) and of course preceptorship. Final semester!!!!!!
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    Fundamentals, Pharmacology &, Caring for Diverse Populations
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    Second semester of five

    Foundations of nursing lecture
    Foundations of nursing clinical
    Nursing skills lecture
    Nursing skills lab