What book to buy to practice nursing exams? What book to buy to practice nursing exams? | allnurses

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What book to buy to practice nursing exams?

  1. 0 Hi allnurses community! I'm going to start my BSN program in Fall 2012 yay! I need some advice on what book would help me get into that critical thinking mode that nursing exams require. Thanks!
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    I really like Saunder's NCLEX review. The book presents the information in a nice summary format, and the companion CD has loads of questions with detailed rationales. If you prefer to do questions in a book, rather than on the computer, then don't get this one because the book itself doesn't have many questions.

    If you do some googling, you can find many NCLEX books in PDF format and CD programs for free. These aren't technically legal copies, but if you just want to screen them to see what you'd want to buy, do some searching
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    Thank you for the response.
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    Are you looking for books on testing strategy or suggestions for books that will have NCLEX-style questions (with rationales for why right answers are right and wrong answers are wrong)?