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Had my first quizz today and I did not do good., Im so beyond stressed I COULD CRY. It's only the second week going in to week 3. IM ABOUT TO go crazy.... Read More

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    This is my first semester in nursing school too. I just took my first pathophysiology quiz and didn't do as well as I had hoped. I'm overwhelmed and very stressed. :/

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    Quote from Jamesha#TeamRn2Be
    I did not do good.
    Quote from amber14fan
    I just took my first pathophysiology quiz and didn't do as well as I had hoped.
    I want to clarify something...when you say this do you mean you got a C instead of a B or an A. Are you failing the quiz or just passing?

    I ask this because all/most of us that enter nursing school are good students. You expect to continue with the good grades through nursing school that you had during prereqs but nursing school is a different kind of learning. You are expected to think critically which takes time and practice. As long as you are passing, you are doing well in nursing school. Don't get down because you didn't get an A or that you studied for hours just to barely pass and if you did fail the quiz/test just remember it's only one grade out of hundreds you will receive in school.

    If you're really stressed, take a break. Read something other than a text book, get some exercise, go out with a friend. Do something to distract and unwind. It'll be worth the time spent to refresh.
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    Guess what!!! I had the exact same thing happen to me my first semester of nursing school. It was awful: I failed my first quiz and it made me question everything. We all have this moment sooner or later, but believe me, it will get better! I ended up getting straight A's (something I have never done!)!!!! Don't get down on yourself. You can do it!!!!!!!

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