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Hello everybody I need some advice I am currently a nursing student in my 4th semester I have a husband ,4 kids, a full time job and I am also taking*care*of my grandparents*I gave up my house I was*renting to help my grandmother... Read More

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    I talked to the Aunt that always gives me grief about moving out and we got into it BAD at my grandmothers house she said she was doing me a favor by letting me stay there because I was saving money so I should be happy and to stop complaining so I told her 30 days and I am gone, and didn't feel bad this time at all (koudos to ME lol).I mean I am 26,why do I feel 40 it shouldn't be this way and again THANX everybody I REALLY appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Good for you. Your aunt can now stay there and save money.
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    You seem like a great person. Sometimes a person can be a superwoman, but not forever, and not all the time. You did your best. Goodluck!!!
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    Your "family members" are only ****** at you because they realize that the time will come form THEM to actually make a decision and help out with your grandmother. Put yourself and your husband first and GET THE HECK OUT OF DODGE!! You will feel guilty about it when you do it, but in the long run, you will be better off. Trust me when I say that stress can make YOU sick.
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    Your guilt tripping relatives are abusing you. Your priority is not your grandmother, it is you then your husband and children. I sense you are a really nice person--too nice, and other people have and sill are taking advantage of you.

    Unfortunately the only person that can help you is yourself plus an outside counselor. Your health will suffer soon and you will be no use to anyone.
    Get out of this nightmare and be the best wife and mother you can be. The relatives are truly self serving and no matter what you decide there will be conflict.

    Just do it--think of your kids--why aren't they a priority?

    Just a thought

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