is there hope I will pass this course? - page 2

so far i have gotten a 66% (quiz worth 20%) 65%(test worth 25%) 60% (quiz worth 20%) final is worth 35% is there hope I will pass? I need a 75% overall in the course to pass... Read More

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    Keep going and don't give up!!! I know many people at my school who are in the same situation as you. And guess what happened to them?? They kept going, studied hard and long, and passed!! You have come this far in life, so don't give up!

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    Refund policy....are you past getting a refund? If so,stay till the final day to withdraw with a "w" instead of an "f"... That way if you have to retake the class next term at least you will know what to expect.....but something needs to change...get a tutor, talk to professor, join a study group....but don't go another day without doing something to right your ship.
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    its easy. its all about factoring correctly. ask whats the rounding rule for answers. and make sure you dont miss or put too much zeros when you write your equations.

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