the new CAB protocol by AHA?

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    i need to do a nursing problem list and rationalize it. i am confused on using the reference of the CAB protocol instead of the ABC prioritization. i know that the CAB is used for emergency situations, i'm not sure if i can use it also in prioritizing my nursing problem list. here are my list of problems:
    - DECREASED CARDIAC OUTPUT related to altered myocardial contractility secondary to valvular defects
    - IMPAIRED GAS EXCHANGE related to imbalanced ventilation perfusion secondary to altered blood flow
    - EXCESS FLUID VOLUME related to reduced glomerular filtration rate secondary to decreased tissue perfusion
    - ACUTE PAIN related to accumulation of urate acids in the joints
    - DIFFICULTY OF SWALLOWING related to upper respiratory tract infection
    - ACTIVITY INTOLERANCE related to insufficient oxygen supply secondary to imbalance distribution of blood into the systemic circulation
    - RISK FOR FALL related to deficient knowledge about side effects of medications
    - RISK FOR NON COMPLIANCE to therapeutic regimen related to deficient knowledge about its side effects
    - RISK FOR UNSTABLE BLOOD GLUCOSE related to non-adherence to preferred diet-

    i also used maslows hierarchy of needs and NANDA in my reference. i need to sort my list from 1-10, 1 being the top priority and 10 being the least. then i have to rationalize why it's placed on that order. need help, thanks!

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    homework? no thanks
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    Hmmm.... I remember when NANDA was new....hated it then too
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    The only thing that's changed is the order; don't look for extra work.
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