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I am so against access codes with text books right now. I would understand if the access codes I was forced to purchase would lead me down a golden path of gummy bears and Hawaiian punch, yet all it... Read More

  1. by   MedChica
    I don't mind the Access codes. It usually accompanies a lab and we always use the online content. It's pretty helpful.
    Still, you're already paying for the book. Not sure why the service can't be free...or rolled into the book fee at a discounted price.

    I can say that I just don't like some of the techs at Pearson Customer Tech Support. Had a minor issue when I first started using Accounting Lab...
    I just wanted to know where the text was. It took 4 days and several days of email (correspondence) to get anywhere...and the dullard STILL didn't know what I was talking about. He didn't know the system. I asked for a refund and the guy was like, "Uh, thanks have a nice day..."
    What the --

    I wrote a scathing message on the feedback form. Company got back to me.
    I b*tched them out. Then I b*tched the guy out.
    I was just rasing h*ll with everyone. LOL
    I know I'll sound like one of those people who acts crazily then says, 'I'm really not like this..."
    LOL Yet, I'm not 'like that'. I don't go off on CSR's, waitstaff...anyone. I'm pretty patient but, that was just ridiculous. C'mon -- the first week of class was almost over and we're still playing 'e-mail volley'! I told them, "...I don't have forever and day to be going back and forth with your people! Your company either need to re-vise the hiring process...or some real d*mn customer service reps on the phone..."
    Either way, I still come out saving money b/c only a portion of my classes require me to 'Access' anything.
    Plus, many of my books are International. I can't believe that people still purchase from school bookstores. Why pay $100 when you can pay $50?
    And I like to keep my books so it doesn't matter if I can't resell. <-- Although...you could.
    Many students know nothing about the foreign book market. You could easily compete with the campus bookstore, if you were so inclined.

    All that crap about the info not being the same is just a pack of lies to keep American students from buying cheaper books.
    I'm usually on Amazon or eBay betting for books...because spending $120 to $300 on a book is ridiculous.
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