TEAS 5 test scores 10 points lower than older version???

  1. I just took my Teas and got an 80% overall. I wasn't happy with it, but the nursing school counselor who talks to everyone after they take it said that was really good because the new TEAS version 5 scores are on average 10 points lower than versions 3 or 4. Has anybody else taken the TEAS 5 or heard that the scores were lower? I think she said it was a lot harder or something so people are scoring lower. She said that it would make the cutoff score lower for entrance to the nursing program at my school since everyone's were lower. I was in the first group at my school to take the new version so they don't have anything concrete to go on.
    I called the department yesterday after another group took it ( we were the first group at my school to take the version 5) and she said there wasn't a single score above the 68% range...
    Just seeing if anybody else knows anything about it.
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  3. by   nepthea
    I am due to take the newer version sometime in March or April. I have heard that the earth science questions have been dropped from the latest version. Was this your experience? Any info you can provide on topics to study would be much appreciated!!

  4. by   mom2three3
    That would be my experience.. no geology at all... a lot of DNA stuff and types of bonds ( ionic, covalent), some A&P stuff like organ fuctions. the math was a lot of tedious addition/ subtraction and a lot of adding/ mult/subtract/div mixed numbers. The science was a lot of periodic chart stuff. I got the study guide from ATI and it was pretty much what the test was like.
  5. by   nepthea
    Ok, so stop wasting time studying rocks and clouds! Whew!! lol
    DNA stuff...like the Punnett squares? Predicting if someone will be born with a gene or not?
  6. by   mom2three3
    yes, exactly like punnett squares and genetic carrier predictions. Also, sequencing of dna amino acids.. like a with t and stuff like that. Oh yea and there are some weird direction and order things too... like this sequence: WKYTES then a series of 10 steps like take out every third letter, replace each vowel with an A, etc then it asks what word you are left with. Let me know if I can help!
    I will try to remember anything else I can...

  7. by   mfranklin0985
    What schools do you both go to? I just got accepted into Goldenwest's program and will begin Aug 2010. I called the school to ask if I would be taking the 3.0-4.0 or the 5.0 version and they told me that they werent allowed to give me that information. I have both study guides and noticed that I scored significantly lower on the 5.0 practice tests.
  8. by   dudette10
    Quote from mom2three3
    That would be my experience.. no geology at all...
    Thank goodness that stuff is gone. When I took the test, I did NOT understand why that stuff was on there!
  9. by   sch1109
    I've heard the same thing from my school. I took this last month and scored a 77% which at first I thought was bad because I was comparing it with people who have taken other versions. This is the first year the program I'm applying to is using the TEAS V so apart from letting me know that scores have been coming back lower I haven't gotten a lot of information about what is considered competitive. Right now I'm just going to hope that this is enough. If I don't get in I'll probably just retake the test and focus a lot more on the Science section. I did great on the other three sections but did horribly on the Science part!
  10. by   ttessal
    Thanks for that info on the new version of the TEAS. I take mine on May 4th.
  11. by   Khyati101483
    hello everyone, i had taken teas test once for older version 3/4...and i score 76% but my school requires 80%... but they had upgraded test to version 5...so i m really worried...was the english (writting and reading)part was similar to older version...and does any one remember wht was for human anotomy and physiology type questions...like are they asking for functions.... i have read other feedbacks and that had really helped...please let me know...i am taking test on may 24th...
  12. by   Khyati101483
    hello everyone...
    would you please help me ....my test is coming closer...i dont understand science part what to study..just want to know ..does anyone remember like problem solving question in science part??...
  13. by   ORnurseCT
    I'm glad I read this post. I am taking the TEAS again also. Is there a newer study guide available?
  14. by   angieboss
    Just took the test today and there were three geology questions about tetonic plates, one on tyoes of rocks and another on weathering.