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Teaching Plan for Right-Sided CVA

  1. 0 Hi everyone - I'm an LPN student and still kind of a newbie here, but was looking on the site for any information to help me write a teaching plan for a pt w/ a right-sided CVA but couldn't find any - so thought I'd put up a post. I'm writing a paper on right-sided CVA that must include a teaching plan, and I also have to do an oral presentation about it. Does anyone know of a good website that I could use for reference?
    Thank you so much!
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    do a search on this website (medline plus (use the search box) http://www.medlineplus.gov/) for "stroke" or "cva". the last time i looked at the links for strroke on their site they had links to some rehab information. you can also look for teaching subjects on the sites off this thread:
    http://allnurses.com/forums/f205/med...es-258109.html - medical disease information/treatment/procedures/test reference websites