Summer courses and gpa question

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    I'm taking pathophysiology I and II this summer when I would normally take them in semester 3 and 4. I am hoping that by taking them in the summer I will be able to do really well in them and also to lighten my course load in the fall and winter semesters so that I may focus on my other courses then. My question is whether or not these courses will still contribute to my semester gpa or if they will only contribute to my overall gpa because they are taken out of the semester. Thanks

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    Usually summer is considered a semester on its own, therefore it would only contribute to the overall GPA. Might be worth calling your adviser though just to double check, however I have never heard of them applying to a fall or spring semester.
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    Thanks I will call the registrars office. We don't do a summer semester in my program and our coordinator opened this class specifically for our section so I wasn't sure how that worked.

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