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Does anyone have any study tips? I skated through HS without ever studying. College has been difficult for me, especially in my science pre-reqs. I barely made it through A&P 1&2 & I had to take Micro twice, still barely passing.... Read More

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    Quote from ebailey1218
    I have two simple words for you ACTIVE LEARNING. Active learning is when you go beyond sitting there and just reading the same information over and over again. I can not learn something, just by reading it - so these are a necessity for me.

    Some examples of active learning

    1) Writing a research paper on a topic. This is not a paper that you will turn in, but a paper to help you grasp idea. Don't go 1/2 way either. DO THE WORK, Research, Cite, revise - pretend like you are turning it it.

    2) Most textbooks have section and chapter questions. Do these! Just don't answer in your head, write them down.

    3) Flash cards are a method of active learning

    4) Get an audience and teach! If you do not have a study group (I think you will get one once school starts) but give a lecture on a subject, out loud. My husband thought I was crazy at first, but I STAND in my office, in front of a white board and lecture (some times just to my dogs). The #1 way to learn something is to teach it to another person

    5) Use the internet! When I was in Physiology, I would spend HOURS on the internet. You would be amazed at the number animations, study questions, YouTube videos and other resources. Remember to consider your source - but in Physiology I would watch recorded lectures from MIT from YouTube.

    6) Make up your own Mnemonics - the creative process in coming up with the clues helps you remember.

    7) I type my notes after class, makes me REALLY think about what the professor said while it is fresh in my mind.

    I could go on and on, but I utilize ALL of these methods plus many, many more. If you Google active learning, you can get TONS of ideas.

    The last tip I have for you has helped me tremendously. When you are studying intensely and you are "in the zone" (as my husband calls it) - work for 20 minutes and then take a 5 minute break to give your brain a chance to catch up. I set the alarm on my phone to make sure I don't study too long, nor take too long of a break. Studies have shown, if you don't take this refreshing break, then after the 20 minute mark, you brain has tuned out. I use the break to get a drink, go to the bathroom, say hi to my kids, play with my dogs anything other than school.

    Good Luck! Hope these help!
    Awesome advice. I find myself using the "teaching" method. My husband looks weird at me when I go spewing details on certain topics related to what I am learning in school, but it helps. My mom is a bit more receptive to letting me teach her, and I get the benefit of her actually asking questions too. I do make flash cards too. The act of writing them is helpful, and they are handy for putting in the purse and taking with me to look at in between errands etc.
    I am liking this thread for all the handy tips and ideas for how to make learning more effective and fun too!!
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    I would rewrite lectures on white paper and memorize them. I came to this method because although I would understand and find material interesting, when being tested we couldn't look things up....I used to commute on buses and used the time to develop my photographic worked!!
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    Thanks everyone. I will be definitely using some of your suggestions. Much appreciated!!

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