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I am having a really hard time with Med Surg this semester. Does anyone have any study tips that they would be willing to share. I have tried reading the chapters. Reviewing the material. I feel real confident going into the... Read More

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    I got a 90 on my medsurg test that was on the dreaded FLUID and ELECTROLYTES!!!! Thats test was the TOUGHEST!!!! But here's what I did because I only had 2 days to study because I was busy with clinicals and other work.

    I wrote out the lecture notes the teacher gave me. Then I went on the internet and searched for two good Fluid and Electrolytes articles (explaining everything well) and I worte that out. This took about 7 hours but I took breaks! The next day I typed up the questions from the workbook that goes with the text with only the right answers and studied those. I also spent about 8 hours with breaks of course reading about fluids and e-lytes from about 4 articles I got off the internet. I also studid F & E in my little pathophysiology book (its great). I studied all the lab values, electrolytes, FVE and FVD and acid base balance stuff. I took the test today and came out with a 90! That was the BEST I have ever done on a F & E test. It was the highest grade in the class and I feel like I learned alot. I also worked some practice problems (10 pages total ) that I got off the internet. I studied the stuff different ways , same info just different articles. i feel really proud of myself because I always have trouble with F & E but I feel like I learned so much, it took time and it was kind of boring at times but I did well and learned so so much. I think that reading the articles, writing out lecture notes, and working practice problems and reviewing them works wonders!!!!

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