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Study Tips?

  1. 0 Hi all!

    Does anyone have any study tips, useful resources, test-taking strategies, etc for Adult Health 1/Med-Surg? Any advice would be awesome!

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    Do not depend on memorization.Really focus on the application and evaluation pieces rather than just memory recall. We use mind maps a lot in my med-surg class. We include the patho/etiology, diagnostic tests, labs, complications, teaching, interventions & evaluation on the mind maps. The mind maps really provide a visual of what's important with each health alteration. When studying it helps to think it through. What am I expecting to see? What am I going to do first? How will I tell if the patient is getting better? What meds do I expect to be administered? What is contraindicated? etc..

    I have found the Med-Surg Nursing Made Incredibly Easy book to be quite helpful, especially for a starting point. I use a couple different NCLEX apps for my iphone too. These let you pick which systems/categories you would like to study, and give question by question rationale. I really like the Mosby's Med-Surg one. All of my instructors STRONGLY recommend us practicing NCLEX questions daily.

    Good Luck in your med-surg class!! My med-surg classes are always my fav!
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    I used saunders nclex review book. It really helps. And make yourself study sheets and break everything down. Really understand what you are reading and learning, don't try to memorize.