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Study Abroad?

  1. 0 Hi everyone, I'm in my first year as a pre-nursing student, however, credits wise I'm a sophomore. I was thinking that since I am a little ahead in school, I should take the opportunity to pick up a minor and study abroad. I want to get a minor in Spanish, and study abroad to Mexico for a year. This would definitely set me back a little more than I would like it to but I feel like it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Because of my extra credits I would have been eligible to apply to NS in Spring 2011. However, this was going to get set back to Fall 2011 because my college was not offering some classes I needed. With my new plan, I will not be starting NS (if i get accepted) until Fall 2012, essentially putting me a year behind.
    I am worried about how far this is setting me back and I'm wondering if you think it's worth it or if I should just scrap the plan altogether. Has anyone here studied abroad before? It kind of sucks because the study abroad program advertises that they have a program for "EVERY MAJOR!!" but, of course, that doesn't include nursing. I've always wanted to study abroad but this is my only chance.... It's clear which side I am leaning to-going!!-but I just want to hear other opinions.

    Appreciate it!
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    While I haven't been in your exact situation, I have experienced a few aspects of it. Firstly, I've studied abroad (in Holland). Not in college, but when I was much younger (grade 7 to 11). The thing is, I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity and think it was so worth it. And in a way, that whole experience was responsible for the second aspect I can relate with: having to push back nursing school by a year. I know it seems I was really young at the time, but the thing is, my last 3 years of high school were in completely different school systems (french, american/international, quebecois), which set me back in all the classes you need to have done in high school to get into nursing school here. The reason I didn't get in last year is because I didn't have my science and chemistry courses and I know that the reason is because I changed schools so much. If I had stayed in Canada those 4 years, I would have had those classes, no question. But I digress... The point is, I felt like I was wasting a whole year when I didn't get in. But in the end I have had great experiences (both related to nursing and not) and feel even more prepared to start this program full force, especially after my 6 month vacation in Cuba (my parents live here now so I came to join them until July).

    So my vote is go for the studying abroad. It'll be worth it. Maybe you could even volunteer at a hospital there and gain some experience while you're at it. And in the long run, one year really isn't that much time.

    Good luck either way, I wish you nothing the best!