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  1. I am a college student in my last semester for BA in Human Services and I am planning on enrolling in a BSN program by this time next year. Just found out I will be laid off from current job, and I was wondering what are the best loans that have good interest rates. I already have Stafford, but I may now require loans for living expenses. I appreciate any advice, thank you very much.
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  3. by   Nursing2102
    In addition to my stafford federal loans I had to take out private loans. I did so through Discover Student Loans. I had my father as a cosigner since I am a college student with no established credit history and my interest was 8%, compared to 13% from sallie mae private student loans, so I obviously went with Discover Student Loans. (I found out about them at my schools financial aid office: they had a ton of private loan company brochures.) They also offer a percentage back after graduation as well as reduced interest rate if you have automatic payments 6 months after you graduate. I'll be using them in the future up until I am finished with school.
  4. by   allycat77
    I am a 2nd degree student as well, and am looking into this too. I believe you will qualify for a maximum of $12,500 in Stafford loans, (the bulk being unsubsidized) per academic year. while i am just starting this process like you, i did find this one site that links you to credit unions that do student loans, might be worth it to look more into it:

    Private Student Loans, Credit Union Student Loans " cuStudentLoans
  5. by   MattLC
    Thank you for the replies, I have seen discover card loans but I wasn't sure if there were any catches. I will take a look at the linked credit unions and contact my credit union as well.