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I am in Houston and I am considering becoming a nurse. I always wanted to be a nurse but I chose to listen to my late mother in choosing my medical career. I chose pharmacy instead but I regret it... Read More

  1. by   alluring square

    Iam a housewife/mom (to 3 children) and a student too. I just finished my pre-reqs from the San Jac CC and applied for the program for Fall 2010. Hoping and waiting for the result.
    I took most of my pre-reqs online :Engl 1 and Tech writing, Psych, Lifespan, Art, philosophy, and a hybrid class in Microbiology. Yes lot of sleepless nights, but it was worth all the effort. I did my math and A&P-1 & 2 face 2 face. I could've done all these online, but I chose to do it face to face. Iam not a science student. I have a bachelors in business/commerce. So its a major change for me. But I made it through.
    I know there's pharmacology, nutrition, and some other class via online.. It all depends how you can really manage it. If you have all the patience and management skills anyone can definitely do it. I wasnt good at it..but I know I did it. I was extremely apprehensive about it..but once I started, I did not give up. Thats all I know.
    And now comes the most difficult part ..when I am going to be in the program.Lets hope everything will fall in place.