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I am in Houston and I am considering becoming a nurse. I always wanted to be a nurse but I chose to listen to my late mother in choosing my medical career. I chose pharmacy instead but I regret it and I feel I have wasting my... Read More

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    it has been 20 years since i graduated from high school. i too, was a young mom, but i have always had an urge to go to college. what held me back was knowing i would have to take an entrance test to assess my education level. for some reason this terrified me. i was not a great student in high school; in fact i struggled quite a bit to keep up with my honor society friends. i suppose knowing how much i struggled then kept me from even trying, until now! :d
    in january i took the thea (entrance exam at my community college). five hours were allotted to taking all sections of this test (math, reading, and writing). i could have used seven hours. it was not a computerized test; therefore, i was able to skip around when i felt tired or bored. i left the math for last because i felt like if i needed to take a developmental class then math would be it! i pass the reading and writing which placed me into college level classes and missed the math by 4 points. i suppose i could have retested and probably placed out of the developmental math class (intermediate algebra), but i decided to complete the course thinking i would benefit from the refresher.
    i am happy to say that this spring was my first semester of prerequisites (intermediate algebra, english 1301, development psychology, and microcomputer) and i made a 4.0. i will be taking a&p1 all summer and finish up this fall with a&p2, human growth, and art/theater appreciation (requirements).
    what got me into the front door of the community college was that i found another mom (mom to a friend of my son) around my same age, that was in the same boat as me and we decided to conquer this together. if she happened to quit today, i would still continue on because i have proven to myself that i can do it!

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    Quote from unjustlysweet
    If I dont pass what would this mean for me.
    If you do not perform well on the Compass, this means that you might be placed in remedial classes (also called developmental classes). I performed poorly on the math portion several years ago and had to be placed in remedial math classes that consume time and do not count for any college credit since they are not considered college-level courses.
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    It bears noting though that you do work your way into the college level courses and eventually you get there. Yeah, it slows things down a bit and costs a bit more, but it also lets you make the kind of grades you need to make to have a competitive chance at acceptance. I had to take two remedial math courses prior to college algebra. Made As in everything, including statistics you can do this if you want to. Whether you can or you can't is largely up to you. You got the powah!
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    Iam a housewife/mom (to 3 children) and a student too. I just finished my pre-reqs from the San Jac CC and applied for the program for Fall 2010. Hoping and waiting for the result.
    I took most of my pre-reqs online :Engl 1 and Tech writing, Psych, Lifespan, Art, philosophy, and a hybrid class in Microbiology. Yes lot of sleepless nights, but it was worth all the effort. I did my math and A&P-1 & 2 face 2 face. I could've done all these online, but I chose to do it face to face. Iam not a science student. I have a bachelors in business/commerce. So its a major change for me. But I made it through.
    I know there's pharmacology, nutrition, and some other class via online.. It all depends how you can really manage it. If you have all the patience and management skills anyone can definitely do it. I wasnt good at it..but I know I did it. I was extremely apprehensive about it..but once I started, I did not give up. Thats all I know.
    And now comes the most difficult part ..when I am going to be in the program.Lets hope everything will fall in place.
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