starting volunteer work while being in the program

  1. I'm so excited finally I will be starting my volunteer time at a local hospital. Kinda bummed that I won't be doing any thing clinical. But I will be working under the nurse training manager (she says she's the paperwork nurse now) but I am very excited that she will put me in the classes the hospital offers to its staff/students! Starting with a basic arrhythmias class in a few weeks . That kind of experience and exposure will be amazing ! Just had to share I think it is going to be interesting, I'm switching careers in my 30's so I'll take any exposure to hospital life as I can!
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  3. by   sergel02
    Haha congrats! I in fact just started my volunteer program two days ago on the 21st. I volunteer in the oncology department in a very nice hospital, so I'm pretty thankful for it. 4 hours a week only. As a volunteer, you end up doing lots of clerical stuff, like answering phones (I accidentally hung up on someone instead of putting them on hold lol), and restocking shelves. I helped a nurse move a patient and change a room my first 10 minutes into my shift, since a nurse was sick. After 3 times you can shadow a nurse.

    It was kind of boring, but you really get to see what a nurse's job is like. They were all friendly but tired. I think it being Friday helped with some of their moods lol. You do learn a lot though.