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Starting Nursing School in the Fall 2014

  1. 1 Hey guys, I am starting an RN program this fall and was looking for any advice from all my fellow nurses out there! I also wanted to know if there is anyone who is a travel nurse and what their experience is like as one. Thanks in advance! =)
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    It's really hard to pre-prepare, if that makes sense, for nursing school. Especially since every program is different. But if there is any advice I could give you it would be this:
    Become VERY familiar with dimensional analysis to solve dosage calculations and practice practice practice.
    Review A & P, the body systems especially.
    You might also want to memorize the common lab values. There is not much memorizing in nursing school compared to other programs, but lab values are a must to memorize. Not all lab values but the common ones.
    Don't procrastinate on your immunization and/or titer requirements because Fall 2014 will be here before you know it!
    Congratulations to you! And best of luck!
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    Also, look under the specialties tab and you may find a travel nurse section so you can get some insight from them.