Someone, anyone, please help me!!!!

  1. I am a first year nursing student who has been assigned to interview a RN, and I'm having a really difficult time of it. If there is anyone willing to help me, God Bless you!! Here are the questions, for those willing:

    1. What is your clinical area of practice?

    2. What is your personal philosophy of nursing?

    3. How do you use information learned in nursing school in order to take care of patients, such as assesment, planning, interventions, and evaluation of care delivered?

    4. How do you collaborate and communicate with other health care professionals?

    5. How do you deal with frustrations and stressors on the job?

    6. How do you mentor other aspiring professionals?

    7. How do you recognize your own limits and ask for help as needed?

    8. How do you demonstrate a commitment to nursing as a career?

    9. How do you cope with all that you have to deal with?

    10. How do you participate in lifelong learning (i.e. attend seminars, continuing education programs, membership in professional organizations, educational programs, subscribe to journals, use websites for nursing practice)?

    Once again, thank you and God bless you; it means alot to me. Nicki
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  3. by   det01
    maybe you should post this on the forum for nursing student assistance. You may get more replies there. Also you might want to say they can PM you if they are not comfortable answering all the questions in a way everyone can see.
  4. by   Nicoliz28
    thanks, i'll try that