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Hello fellow nursing students. I'm here today to ask for advice about being a shy student nurse. This is my first year as a nursing student and I do not wAnt to be shy anymore (not like I chose this)... Read More

  1. by   Skips
    I can definitely relate. Social situations are lost on me. I've had to figure out how to talk with people and *force* myself to have eye contact with people until I got it. I wasn't natural with eye contact ever, and I still am not natural with it. I have to think about it. I also have to think about what to say with small talk, and when the appropriate time is to talk, as I sometimes accidentally interrupt people. D: I'm getting evaluated for Asperger's Syndrome sometime soon, though. It may be more than just being shy with me. I'm not afraid of people, per se. I just don't understand how to interact with them, and I'm not quite sure if they understand me as well.

    I feel more comfortable with the thought of talking to patients than classmates.
  2. by   jsh21340
    Thanks so much for you guys comments and advice. I look at your post and Im like "that is so me!!!" Making a facebook page would be an awesome way of meeting my classmates and interacting with them as well as questions and study tips. And Im definetly gonna get involved in my SNA. I still dont know if I will try to be appointed anything yet though maybe next semester . Im so glad you all are knowing that being shy doesnt mean you are alone. Im learning that too. Ive started to realize that other people in my class are just as nervous and scared as I am with clinicals and labs. I've been constantly trying to make efforts to talk to people, make eye contact, and smile. Ive noticed I do talk fast (I guess so I can get it all out) and interrupt people so I need to work on that. Overall Ive noticed great changes so far and made some new school buddies. Work in progress with us shy nurses but eventually we are gonna get to the point where we can accept ourselves just the way we are.

    I also passed Handwashing, unoccupied beds, and restraints!!!! I thought I was gonna do badly on unoccupied beds and restraints because I kept fumbling over my words but I did it. I'm my so happy.

    Im loving all the advice and stories. KEEP IT COMING...