Should I take the job at a rehab hospital or try to find a hospital?

  1. Hi there,

    I'm a senior nursing student currently working at a rehab hospital. I've been working there for a couple of months and I was told that they would hire me after I pass the nclex this summer. Obviously I am quite happy about this, however, I would very much like to work in an acute care hospital, preferably in an ED. Just because I want to further my education and getting that acute care will look great on my applications to NP or CCNA school. My question is, should I take the rehab position and wait to apply to other hospitals or should I just apply to other hospitals. I had planned on taking the job and still applying somewhere else but I don't want to burn bridges at the hospital I am at now since they've been so good to me.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.
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  3. by   Nursing2102
    If I were you I would take the job while still looking for positions in a hospital because, depending on where you live, you will not find a job in a hospital right away anyway, so it would make sense to take this job while looking for another one.