Should I move on campus?

  1. I am not sure if it is silly to post this topic in this forum but I was hoping to gain some insight into being in nursing school and living on-campus.

    I am in my first semester of nursing school (BSN) and I am contemplating moving onto campus. During my first year, I went to a liberal arts private school and stayed in the dorms and hated it because I had a roommate directly in the room with me. My sophomore year, I stayed with my dad because I was going to a technical school to get my prerequisites out of the way and my Junior I year, I started at the school my BSN program is @ and it is much farther from my father's home. Classes start at 0830 and I am up at 0500 to get ready for the day ahead plus a lengthy commute (40 minute tops which is probably nothing considering other stories I have heard) but when clinical rotations start I have to be at site @ 0630 and it is even farther away. All of this commuting has put a toll on my vehicle: I've had my '02 Ford Taurus since 11th grade but I cannot afford anything else, sometimes she can be unreliable and this worries me sick sometimes not knowing if I am going to have to miss a lecture or test or something like that because it won't start. While I save a bunch of money living off campus @ home and I get a hefty change check, I am probably putting ENOUGH money in gas and car repairs but I like having the extra money for security and savings... WELL POOF, ALL GONE THIS SEMESTER WITH ALL OF THE THINGS THAT NURSING SCHOOL REQUIRES! LOL With that being said, if I live on campus I will undoubtedly become better friends with classmates who live on campus, form study groups and also CARPOOL! with them for clinical rotations which will save on gas and lessen the wear and tear on my vehicle so that it can last until I get substantiated in a job and can afford a car payment after graduation. I have a small job that I would like to keep where my dad lives (babysitting on Sundays, remember 40 min drive there and back), plus seeing my BF on weekends. I have to factor in food as well (I qualify for food stamps but haven't gotten them because I live with my dad).

    I qualify for the single room/ 2 people shared bathroom apartment style housing and my financial aid/student loans (I will probably have to borrow more L) should cover it, I am just unsure of whether or not I will get a change check or not for my books/gas for travel home/phone bill and safety net funding...and if it is worth moving on campus for? It will definitely make my life easier and possibly get me out of my shell as well. I talked to some girls in my program who love it and it just seems right to do since I have been excited about possibly getting out on my own and I will have my own room. My dad may help me with books and my phone if I don't receive any funding... OR I could get a waitressing job, but I hear that's not a great idea in NS.

    What do you guys think? Have you lived on campus, like it or hate it? Did it do anything for your education? Thank you for reading my silly post!
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  3. by   zoe92
    I lived on campus my first year at a 4 year university & have lived at home the past 2 years while I complete pre reqs at community college. Reading your situation, I think its better to live on campus. It'll save you a lot of commuting & gas, as well as car maintenance.
  4. by   bluedove1
    What is the bus situation as far as getting to and from campus? Are there other commuters from your area? Sometimes dorm living isn't all it is cracked up to be...even living in a single and sharing a bathroom. You know your needs, trust your gut feelings. If it doesn't workout on campus have a just in case plan.