Sequoia/San Francisco State Fall 2013 BSN applicants

  1. Hello!
    I wanted to start a forum for applicants that are applying specifically to the Sequoia/SFSU BSN program for Fall 2013. I wanted to invite students who are currently applying, already in the program,or have graduated from the Sequoia program to offer advice to all of us hopefuls out there.
    This is my second year applying to the Sequoia program. Last year I got into the program , but I did not realize I did not have a random 3 unit transcript in on time, so the head of the program told me I couldn't be accepted in...bummer . I have applied again for the Fall 2013 program and can't wait to find out the results in March. Looking forward to hearing from everyone! Good luck!
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  3. by   bayareanurse05
    Has anyone heard anything yet? I read on the SFSU bsn main campus forum that someone called admissions and they were told that they wouldnt get their letters until the end of April now. From reading past years forums I've noticed Canada/SFSU students get their letters first. The anticipation is too much!
  4. by   meganko27
    I was volunteering at sequoia last week and ran into a girl in the nursing program. She told me her friend is applying with us and called the school recently and they told her last week of April we should have gotten out letters last week, but sounds like sfsu had a ton of applications which is why it is so late. I know that the sequoia and sfsu like to send letters out together so looks like 2 more weeks of the waiting :'( hopefully I can make it!! Five months of waiting is torture! Hope we are waiting to hear the good news though