Senior Practicum Tips/Advice

  1. Hello All!

    I am starting my senior practicum Monday in a Pediatric Emergency Department of a large teaching hospital and I am SO excited. I have done all of my prior clinical rotations at the hospital so I am fairly clued in to their systems and policies. I was wondering if anyone wanted to share some tips or advice for me to be successful in this semester? Any help would be appreciated!
    -what should I bring, and keep with me at all times?
    -any tips on time management?
    -any advice on snacks to fend off hunger, I am ALWAYSSS hungry!

    Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   nurseprnRN

    and bring small cheeses for snack. fats and protein last longer than sugary stuff.
  4. by   mangopeach
    Almonds are a great snack. I always have almonds in my pocket. Easy to pop a few in mouth while I'm walking down the halls of the unit.

    I am finishing up my senior practicum. I didn't do anything different. Brought my drug guide in case I came across a med I was not familiar with. I don't have a smart phone so I still do it old school style, I know many have an App for that. If you have a weakness that you want to work on, let your preceptor know. This is still a learning experience. This is your last shot to work on those weaknesses before graduation. Well, that's how I approached it. This is my last week and I feel so much more confident now than I did when I started. Other than that, be a team player. When I'm not busy I help out the techs or other nurses if needed.
  5. by   liairis
    It sounds like that will be a great experience for you!! I agree that things like almonds or trail mix are great--anything that has protein and will be okay in your pocket. I have not spent much time in the ED, but I work on a Trauma IMC floor, and I could not function without scissors, tape, and coban on me at all times. Also, don't be afraid to let all of the nurses know that you are a student and are looking for specific experiences...they often won't think to come find you for a procedure/experience unless you let them know you are interested. Good luck and have fun!