Second to last semester and I'm losing steam....advice?

  1. Ok so I am in a 2 year Associate degree program to get my RN. I am in my second to last semester right now and I'm currently taking an 8 credit Med/Surg class (Cardiac and Oncology clinicals), and a 3 credit L&D class. I think what I'm having trouble with the most is that my program is in the middle of some big renovations and they brought in two new teachers from another local program who are now my only teachers. One of them I think is especially good at lecturing (she used to be a Tele nurse for a looooong time) but the other is just terribly boring. It doesn't help that I am one of THREE people in my class who does not have a child so the whole L&D world is a mystery to me, while it is familiar to others. I ask a lot of questions and my L&D instructor has even said things like "Oh we go again", complete with eye roll- and not in a joking way!- when I have asked a question. I don't ask dumb questions and I get told all the time I actually ask things that my classmates did not want to ask but were wondering. This same instructor has also literally yelled at me out in front of the nurses station at clinicals and I just feel she has had an attitude the whole semester and I don't understand why. I am not an inconsiderate or rude person, so it kind of baffles me that I feel like she doesn't like me. The other instructor was also a clinical instructor of mine and she is very intense at clinicals as well. She doesn't yell or anything, but expects you to know your stuff and doesn't take any nonsense- which I can respect. What I have a problem with is when I feel like I'm being spoken to very condescendingly when it is undeserved. I know there is only so much I can do because I'm a student but I just don't understand why teachers would treat their students in that way. I just had my midterm evaluations and the only positive thing (and it's not really even positive) that my teacher put was that my "greatest strength was the ability to identify my own weaknesses"...the rest of the time she went on and on about what I'm doing wrong and how I don't organize my clinical paperwork the way she wants me to. If my paperwork is organized and I can find everything, and I'm not being graded on it, then I don't see why it matters. This is kind of a rant I guess but I'm just feeling like there is so much DRAMA and negativity and I'm getting REALLY tired of it. I know I'm almost done but I'm at the point where I have seriously considered whether nursing is really for me. I got into nursing because I care about the patient- and I love talking to people and helping to make them feel a little bit better when they're not feeling so hot. I also love the puzzle aspect of it all. All of the paper pushing and politics of it all I don't care about and frankly don't want to be part of....but I guess that might not be possible. I also work about 24 hours a week on top of two days of class, and two days of clinical- so I kind of get to see the hospital from all angles. Anyway, I'm just looking for some advice on how to deal with teachers who are super negative. Any thoughts yall have on what I've said would be greatly appreciated & sorry if it's a bit all over the place!
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  3. by   FLmed
    Just wanted you to know that I read your post. Sending you a huge hug!! My last semester was the hardest for me. I had a really tough instructor, but I can say that she made me a better nurse. I hope you are able to have that same experience. I've been a Registered Nurse since June, and my first hospital job has been eye-opening to say the least. It's tougher than I ever imagined. So, this experience (while your in nursing school) is also preparing you for the real world too. Hang in there.
  4. by   Piggles
    I have a hard time with this too and I am still trying to find ways to deal with it because I assume it will happen from time to time no matter where I go. My strategy so far is to carry myself with an air of confidence even when I am feeling something very different inside. I believe this is possible with practice. Then I try to always be gracious and learn from the instructor or resource nurse. I make the best of it. Finally, I have learned that it helps to try to understand where they are coming from. I mean really try to pick up on the subtle cues.
    I would guess that there is an underlying personal issue that is causing this person to treat you this way. Just remember that it is not personal. Then ask yourself what is causing this person stress and how can I make things a little easier for them while still maintaining my dignity and learning something at the same time.
  5. by   zoe92
    I'm sorry you are clashing with a teacher. For when you ask questions during lecture... have you tried to go to her office hours? Or ask before/after class? From what it sounds like, you ask questions during class so maybe this is why she is being rude. I've had professors rush through answering a student's question during lecture because they are trying to get through the material. I can't offer too much advice on clinicals, I would probably just try to get through it and not take anything she says personally. You are SO close to being done though! Just one more semester left & you can do this!!! Good luck.