Scholarships for Accelerated BSN students! :)

  1. Hello! I just got accepted ABSN program for Fall '13 term!

    Do you guys know any scholarship opportunities for ABSN students?

    Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   swansonplace
    HRSA, and military scholarship. Schools have scholarships for students that are not posted so be sure and fill out school application.
  4. by   thankful77
    thank you very much for your reply!
    I've heard about HRSA but couldn't apply since i got accepted after the application deadline.
    I'm also going to contact my school financial aid office to check out more scholarship applications!
    what exactly is a military scholarship? do you know the link for it?

    Thank you again!
  5. by   swansonplace
    I don't have a link for it, but I know that each area has scholarships for nurses. Army, Navy, Reserves, national Guard. There is even a medical branch for the Army and Navy.

    Really need to research it, as I understand you get special pay for specialty which would amount to 20K per year for a couple of years.
  6. by   thankful77
    thank you very much for your help! I heard those scholarships are really competitive! but i'll still look into it!
  7. by   Tinker88
  8. by   swansonplace
    Nurse Forgiveness Program - Federal Student Loans
  9. by   thankful77
    @Tinker88 - Thank you very much for the replies! I really appreciate your help! I'll definitely look into aftercollege website!

    @swansonplace - Thank you! Is Nurse Forgiveness Program - Federal Student Loans different from HRSA?
  10. by   elleABSN
    Are you at Samuel Merritt?
  11. by   thankful77
    elleABSN - no i'm not. are you? how are you planning on paying for your tuition?
  12. by   swansonplace
    HRSA has an option where they have loan repayment. They also have the item where they just pay for your tuition, books, monthly living expenses in return for so many years work.

    As part of financial aid, the government gives out loans to students. Part of this amount for nurses can be paid off if you work for a particular type of organization.

    The military has it also set up where they pay of a certain amount of loan amount also. repayment for nurse/mkwid/sRfvxpufu|dc/pcrid/27332897714/pmt/b
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  13. by   thankful77
    Thanks swansonplace! I've been applying to different scholarships and hope I get at least one of them!
  14. by   swansonplace
    You're welcome. I applied for mine at my financial aid office, and I was lucky to get one almost every semester. You just never know.