Scholarship for the average student!

  1. I'm frustrated! I spent over 2 hours last night trying to find any info on scholarships, but they are all so specific! There is nothing available for a white, middle class, non genius student. Everything is so specific, and if not, incredibly competitive and intense! I don't have time to research and submit a cure for AIDS, nor am I an descendent of so and so studying geography at a school in Northern California (just examples).

    Does anyone know of a non specific scholarship for nursing students, or am I looking at the wrong time? Is there a good site besides fast web?

    I'm not wealthy or well off, but money is an issue although I'm not below the poverty level. Gahhh

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  3. by   elkpark
    Have you investigated what kind of loan/scholarship programs your state might offer? Several (many?) states have programs to encourage people to study nursing, that offer either low-cost/interest loans or loans that you can "work off" after you graduate and get licensed.

    I know that my state has more than one program like that, designed to increase the number of nurses, science teachers, and math teachers in my state. When I went to graduate school, I was able to get money from the state that was technically a loan, but I was able to "repay" it simply by working in my state one year for each year they funded me in grad school (two years, in my case). And I didn't have to work for the state; I simply had to work in the state (for nearly any employer I wanted to; there were v. few restrictions), which I was planning on doing anyway! It was a great deal, and I'm v. appreciative. The loan program was not competitive at all; it was simply "first come, first served" for as long as the $$ appropriated by the state legislature lasted each year.

    Your state may offer a similar program. Best wishes with your search!