RN to PA Pre-requisites for both??

  1. my plan is to get my BSN from gsu, work a year or two for my direct patient care eperience, then start a PA program and ultimately be a Physician Assistant.

    I wanna get all my pre-reqs for PA school out of the way by the time i get my BSN too.

    These are the science PA pre-reqs for Mercer:
    General Biology with labs (2 courses)- 8 semester hours
    Microbiology with lab-4 semester hours
    Anatomy with lab (or A&P 1with lab)-4 semester hours
    Physiology with lab (or A&P 2 with lab)-4 semester hours
    General Chemistry with labs (2 courses)-8 semester hours
    Organic Chemistry with lab-4 semester hours
    General Biochemistry (lab not required)-3-4 semester hours
    at the bottom of this list it adds: Note: "survey of" or "principles of" courses may not meet this requirement. May need approval of the Director of Admissions.

    for getting into georgia states nursing program some of the requirements are:
    Biol 1110K-1120K (Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II w/labs)
    Biol 2300 (Microbiology and Public Health)
    Biol 2310 (Microbiology and Public Health Lab)
    Chem 1151K-1152K (Survey of Chemistry I and II w/labs) strongly recommended OR
    Biol 1103K-1104K (Introductory Biology I and II w/labs)

    my question in, will either the chem 1151k (survey of) or biol 1103k (introductory) be counted towards that requirement? or will i have to take something else altogether! if so, wat do u recommend since after the first year, where ill be taking the pre--reqs to get into the program, pretty much all the rest of my classes will be nursing specific?
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  3. by   szeles23
    I would contact the administrator of the PA program. What city is your program in? I have looked at Medical college of GA's PA program and they don't even require a Bachelors for you to apply, just the pre-reqs. Schools can be pretty iffy with their pre-reqs. Some may count for the same thing. The program I have looked at in NC requires 250 hours of patient contact or shadowing, but clinical hours from a bsn program count toward that as well. The only other thing that I would need to apply would be another chemistry and to take the GRE.

    Good luck! I hope someone at the school can tell you which class will transfer as the pre-req.
  4. by   akulahawkRN
    I would concur with contacting the administrator of the PA program(s) you are considering applying to and include the proposed courses and for what courses they'd substitute/meet the prerequisite. Something to consider is that often a "survey" course is a watered-down version of a given course, tweaked/modified/targeted at a specific audience. Find out if your college has the "full" course and if that course meets the prereq requirements as well. If this is the case, you may find that while you may meed RN program requirements with that survey course, you may not meet entry prerequisites for the PA program.

    That's about the only way you'll find out for certain.