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I just want to get a general idea of anyone who works while they are in the RN program. I am in a full time RN program and I want to work 16-24 hours a week. Im married and I have a one year old. So I still mostly (not every... Read More

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    ugh...my program didn't recommend working throughout the rn program either but i absolutely had to...
    i am a single mommy of a 4 year old, but she was 18 months when i started. i worked 3-4 days a week (mostly weekends) as a front desk agent at a hotel while attending the program full-time.

    it wasn't always easy, but it wasn't always hard either. some weeks were better than others.

    point is plenty of students do it and it just isn't feasible for all not to! you can do it

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    I'm kind os in the same situation, so can I share my schedule??
    Fall 2011
    Monday - prep for clinical 1pm-3pm. I'm also clinning, cooking, shopping this day
    Tues - 7am-1pm clinical, after I come home - do paperwork for clinical
    Wed - 7am-1pm clinical, after I caome home - do paperwork for clinical
    Thur - 9am - 1pm lecture, I usually stay until 2pm in lab or do papers.
    Fri - 9am-1230 - lecture, I usually stay until 2pm in lab or do papers.
    Sat, Sun - work from 0630 to 1500.
    Reading, writing aasingments and all the family time happens on evenings.
    And yes... my son is not in daycare. We decided to manage it ourselfs. So....
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    I think I am not the most efficient person in the world, especially when it comes to self-motivated tasks like studying and housework. I have no idea how the other girls in my group manage a family, work, and school. I have a 12 month old, and I'm in an ADN program and my schedule is like this (i'm including drive times):

    mon: gym, housework, lecture 3 - 7, dinner, baby bath, time with husband
    tues: spend time with kid in morning while doing laundry and stuff, then he goes to half-day daycare @11, schoolwork, lecture & lab 3 - 10:30
    wed: gym or routine appointments in morning, clinical 3:00 to 11:00
    thurs: baby time in morning, daycare again, study before school, then clinical 3:00 to 11:00
    friday: housework in morning, take kid to visit my grandmother in afternoon, cook a nice dinner and spend time with husband at night. or, if every 3rd friday, test at school from 4 to 6 so try to study all day and then end up drinking at night
    saturday: housework and/or studying all day, dinner & family time or hang out with friends at night
    sunday: my mom takes the baby, i do the week's shopping and study, then try to cook something like a big pot of soup or casseroles that will last for the week, family dinner, tv time with husband at night.

    i admit i am not great at managing my time at home and i procrastinate a lot. if this is something you are good at, i think you'll do fine.

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