RN Comprehensive Predictor 2013 - page 3

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So after stressing:dead: myself out for over a week yesterday I took the RN Comprehensive Predictor 2013. I scored a 68% which calculated to be an 87% probability to pass the NCLEX the first time:nurse:. At my school you have... Read More

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    Hi carolina_mom, I guess I can't pm yet... so if you get an opportunity my e-mail is hurtee@gmail.com
    I was just curious if you had any advice for me to help pass my ATI comp B, I got a 64 and need to get a 72.7 to pass. I take it in three week and am needless to say extremely nervous and am looking for any advice as to how to ensure I pass. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
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    That clinical report sheet is awesome thank you for sharing.
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    @carolina_mom So lucky!! is there a way you can provide me with some pointers, notes, advise, anything. you can email me at cb5261980@yahoo
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    Hey Carolina_mom! I'm also a mom in the Carolinas! I take my predictor Monday morning!!! This is very last minute but do you mind sending me that clinical report sheet???
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    Oh boy, I remember this. I got a 92% and I don't know how cause I thought I was doing TERRIBLY. Our school required a 90 percent to pass. Kudos for posting tips for others, because I'll bet they are as nervous as I was!!
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    The clinical report sheet that I mentioned is on the first page of this post under Esme12's comment.