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It has been a long time since I have posted here, but read as much as I can around school, family and work. I have a question regarding a research project I am planning to do this semester. I would like to do a study on... Read More

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    I'm 2nd degree/2nd career trying to balance a family and nursing school. Feel free to pm me your questions. I don't mind just answering questions but I've always found places like survey monkey to be easy to use.

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    Ditto. I'm another second-career non-traditional student. I'd be happy to help out.
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    Quote from KentuckyRN2Be
    I would like to do a study on nursing students who are considered "non-traditional" (2nd degree, older, mothers, fathers, etc) and some of the differences they face in nursing school. I am working on a questionnaire to be answered by those who are willing to be involved.
    Non traditional student; 2nd degree, older and sandwich generation. Would love to help you.
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    Do a literature search on the merits of online versus paper surveys - people have definitely looked into it.

    There's a forum in the student section for recruitment titled "Academic Nursing Research Participation Requests" where you can post. Be sure to follow the rules there.

    Also, while I realize that you did not ask for any of the above responses, it is really not kosher to solicit participants before you get IRB approval (as in, you can get into major trouble with your institution, especially if Federal funding is in any way involved). I would ask your faculty research adviser before contacting anyone in this thread about participating in your prospective study.
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