Reapplying after being accepted

  1. Hello all,

    I was recently accepted into a really great (this is an understatement) accelerated nursing program. I also applied for a scholarship program but was not accepted into the scholarship program. This was my top choice school so I figured that I would work for a year and save to pay for school and defer until next semester (if I will pay for school it might as well be my choice school right?). However, I found out that one cannot defer until next semester and I would have to reapply.

    The program is expensive but doable after I save and work with finaid.

    So, has anyone ever had experience with reapplying after acceptance? Could you shed some light for me?

    In the meantime I will pick up some volunteer hours and work as a BHA (it's like a cross bn a behavioral worker and nurse assistant) to save for school.

    Also how should I handle it? I was thinking to contact the dean of admission, chair of the dept, and director of the program just so they know it's because of my finances.

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  3. by   spore2008
    From your post, it seems you already asked to defer for a year. If you must reapply, I don't think anyone-allnurses or the school in question-will be able to answer this question. I think much depends on who else will be applying with you on that particular cycle. The competition could be tougher or it could be easier. Having said that, since you were admitted once, it is likely you will be admitted a second time. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees with admissions. Too bad the school does not allow students to defer.

    Is this your only choice?
  4. by   FarminRN
    No, I had a back up plan. I will remain hopeful. Thanks for your reply!