Psychology Test HELP PLEASE!!!!

  1. OK - SO I have been through 7 quarters of nursing school and NOW I get to my last quarter and I cannot pass a test in psychology! HELP ME! What am I doing wrong? I read so much into the question I STUDY MY BUTT OFF and here I am . . . . .. Any suggestions?????? PLEASE how do you read the question? How to answer the question? This is test # 2 . . . I have got All A's in Nursing school and now this?????? I Dont' get it - I am so frustrated and depresseed . .Anything would be appreciated
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  3. by   pinkiepie_RN
    I'm confused. Is this a general psychology/human development class or is it psychiatric nursing? What are you having trouble with on the exams?
  4. by   gelousstudent
    This is my last quarter and they call it the PSYCH quarter. We are talking about Alzheimers Schizophrenia, suicide, crisis, mental retardation, mood disorders, BIPOLAR and it keeps going . .I can always get two answers which are BOTH correct when I ask my instructor, but the one I pick is the WRONG answer for the question. If I had a specific example I would list it. . I have test review on Test #2 tomorrow. My grade right now is a 72% and I need a 74% to pass. I am so mad.. .. These tests are NOT black and white at all. I studied EVERYTHING we went over for this test such as litium, Antipsychotic meds and the "therapeutic" levels and toxic levels NONE of that was on the test. NO questions that related to ANYTHING I studied, but somehow they make you feel like you don't study?? WHAT .. . I hate this quarter!!!! ALL of the questions on the test were realted to a situation in which you are the nurse and your patient had this kind of attitude or displays these feelings, so what is the "THERAPEUTIC THING" to say to them - Anyone offer advice or examples of some good questions and show me how to answer them. ANYTHING??? I FEEL SO STUPID!
  5. by   pinkiepie_RN
    It sometime helps if your textbook has a companion website, because they often have NCLEX type questions. Always think safety or "what is the most therapeutic response?". I used NCLEX review books throughout school and while they weren't as helpful as they were in Med-Surg, I did find it helpful in psych. It helps to know s/sx of the disorders and what behaviors are common, because interventions in psych are geared towards behaviors and not lab values or pain, etc such as in Med-Surg. Our instructors also gave us case studies to incorporate "critical thinking". Alter your thinking and get out of the "lab values" and "medications" mindset; they're useful to know but you have to know how to use that data.

    If I come across any websites, I'll post them here as well. Good luck!
  6. by   gelousstudent
    Any websites with examples would be greatly appreciated. I did NCLEX questions out of two books and those questions were WAYYY easier than the psych test in my rotation. Is it ALL about THERAPEUTIC communication with these clients? IF so where am I missing the boat? I have gone over some examples and that does help. But I have the mind focus of MED surg nursing and those tests are black and white to me - these are so gray I am about to pull my hair out. . . . :angryfire
  7. by   pinkiepie_RN --- Practice questions

    Also, Evolve ( has some Psych textbook companion websites. Go to "Products" at the top right hand corner of the page and you can select Psychiatric Nursing books from there.

    It is mostly about therapeutic communication in Psych and there is some grey, or at least moreso than in Med-Surg. Safety is key, as is the "least restrictive" environment (de-escalate before IM meds, seclusion or restraints). If all else fails, go for the answer that talks about "feelings". (I say this in a slightly joking manner, but it can often be the correct answer!) --- Research articles also help as far as comprehension and critical thinking go, I feel.

    Psychiatric nursing is one of my many callings and I think it's important that we realize that psych is important to know, because we are going to be getting these patients on the Med-Surg, OB, Tele, etc. floors and they'll certainly show up to the ED. Good luck with your test and I hope this information helps!
  8. by   gelousstudent
    You are a wonderful resource and encouragement. Thank you so much for your time. When you say feelings>>>>>> What do you mean in a psych kind of way? Sorry for this I understand by ex amples and rationale. . .. . Like them expressing their feelings???
  9. by   pinkiepie_RN
    Exactly, like them expressing your feelings or you setting limits or boundaries. You don't often have physical symptoms to go on so feelings are important and you bring yourself as a therapeutic tool in psych nursing. There aren't so many "hands on" interventions, if that makes sense.