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I just want to know if anyone is going to a for profit nursing school this semester?... Read More

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    I start September 24 I'm excited! When so u start queen?
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    Thats great!!!! im excited too!! school starts sept 19th but since my credits transfered i will start on dec 5. that gives me time to put money back for emergencies and what not. when will you finish??? im so happy for you, congratulations!!!!
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    I will be done jan 17 2014!! I'm doing an lpn-Rn bridge what's the name of ur school?
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    I will be done march 2014 and i go to Kaplan college
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    Today was my first day of school I liked it a lot Andia looking forward to the rest of the year!!
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    Thats great to know!! I am excited for you, im so ready to start now lol
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    I go to a private -for profit school.

    There are pros and cons.

    The pros are primarily: small class size; very personalized advisement from admission, academic adviser, and financial aid; no wait list; can be done in less than 2 years (start to finish--ready to sit for NCLEX)

    The cons are: price; politics; less sections to choose from---we have block scheduling (for example, full time 3rd semester students essentially MUST have class all day Tuesday, no other choices.)
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    Where are u lobby and what school do u go to I agree wih the pros

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