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I just want to know if anyone is going to a for profit nursing school this semester?... Read More

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    I have been going to a private school in Tampa since January and I love it. Many of the hospitals in the area speak highly of grads from this school. I've only heard very negative things about the community college programs in the area, so I'm glad I didnt try there, to get waitlisted for 2-3 years.

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    Mrscseaton, you have to keep me updated and i believe you will do just fine with the interview. I hate typing on my phone because it thinks it knows everything, and i have to keep erasing. Super annoying lol Aachavez, what school do u attend? And yes, cc's are good at having waiting list.
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    I will post back here when I know something ... I was kinda nervous about posting about a for profit nursing school because I have seen a lot of negativity when someone says they go to that kind of school. But I'm excited I think I have a good chance of getting in
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    Aachavez what school do u go to in Tampa?
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    I go to a for profit school. I start my core classes in August. I am very excited. I like my school a lot. It has it's ups and downs,but so does every other school out there. Do what is best for YOU and do not listen to any negativity otherwise
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    I agree with BGax, and i know exactly what you mean. Some will attack if they see the words for profit. It's good to know you enjoy your school bgax. I wish you all the best and i will keep everyone updated.
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    Yes I am. I start classes in three weeks at fortis in nashville.
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    Yes i am...out in shelton,connecticut!
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    I am looking forward to getting classes started. I know there is a lot of controversy regarding for profit. it the way for me. In the end I will be able to sit for nclex. Best wishes all
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    Hopefully I will be going to Concorde in Orlando depending on this final interview..congratulations to all of u! My program is 15 months

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